10 Details about Architecture Students

Wherever you see architecture students, you will know that they are architecture students. They always try to catch up. They are unfortunate who have completed their student lives overwhelmed with homework. But the funniest people around us are usually among them. If you catch an architecture student without their homework and an urgent need for sleep, you can be great friends! But this is very, very unlikely. So let’s introduce you to architecture students a little more closely. Because obviously, they have no time for that.

1- They Are Always Sleepless

You can see an architecture student half-dead. They are always sleepless because of their endless homework and working such late hours at night. That’s why their eyes are red and swollen, and they have dark circles under their eyes. These situations can be daunting, but don’t worry; they won’t hurt you. They make use of every space they find in the daytime by resting their eyes a little. They can sleep anywhere in the subway, cafeteria, or even on a bus. Even a few minutes of sleep are precious to them.

2- You Can Always Reach Them

Need to call someone late for a very urgent situation? Look for the first architecture student you know without hesitation! They will also return to your messages and calls, as they often work until morning.

3- They Know All Kinds of Stationery Materials

When you ask an ordinary person for paper, they tear a sheet from his notebook and gives you, but try asking it to an architecture student. You may face many opportunities as; A3, A4, 35×50, sketch paper, 300 gr, etc. They have a lot of information about pens, types of paper, and many other stationery materials you have never heard of before.

4- They Understands a lot about Computer

Architecture students also know about computers, although not as much as a computer engineer. However, what they know is CAD programs, not software. They know about many different modeling and design programs due to their work. They are also not bad when it comes to computer hardware. You can increase your knowledge by taking the AutoCAD one to one class with architects/interior designers.

5- They are patient

Not every architecture student may be very patient in their private life. But when it comes to their projects, their characters suddenly change. Endless criticism, heavy criticism, and challenging models force them to be patient in their school life. Who else can endure jury presentations that sometimes last for hours?

6-They are detailers

Nothing in architecture is accidental. None of the architects wants to have unclear points in their projects because these gaps can cause big mistakes in practice. Architecture schools also teach their students to point out every detail early on. That’s why an architect candidate has a more excellent command of all the details than anyone around. Their eyes can distinguish all shades of colours very well. They are very good at finding artistry errors. In fact, at one point, they reach such a level that their eyes almost get a sharpness of a ruler. In short, if an architect candidate tells you that the painting on the wall is not straight, then it is absolutely crooked.

7- Their Imagination Is at a Very High Level

Throughout their school life, students of architecture deal with many goofy projects. And there is no such thing as a project that does not cause problems for the designer. Therefore, the life of architecture students passes by seeking solutions for the problems in their designs. This situation turns them into highly imaginative people who can think out of the box.

8-They Analyze Events from Different Perspectives

As we explained above, students in architecture schools encounter a wide variety of projects. These projects are different from those seen in business life. Because at school, they try to highlight their designer side. And they are always expected to go beyond the usual borders. Therefore, students of architecture are generally thinking-oriented. They can look at the events from very different points. Chatting with them is fun.

9- They Know the Coolest Information

Architecture is a multidisciplinary field. Therefore, architectural education progresses in many ways. It is not enough to have pure technical knowledge to be a good architect. Topics such as architectural history, art history, and material knowledge are essential in architecture. In design schools, this information is given to students, albeit at a basic level. An architecture student can tell you what period a building belongs to just by looking at its facade. It is enough to make them the coolest person in the environment.

10-They Are Always in a Hurry

An architecture student always has a task to train themselves. If they’re finished with their homework, they’re trying to keep up with the presentation. In short, students of architecture do not have time to spare for anything outside of school. In this case, this also lowers them socially from time to time. But if you don’t take their hasty state of mind personally and have a little chat, you can see how funny people they are. You can also check here to see the types of architecture students.

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