3Ds Max 101: Tips for Beginners

3Ds Max is one of the most frequently used software by architects and 3D designers. This software may look a little bit frightening at first, but you easily get used to the 3Ds Max interface. However, if you’re new to 3Ds Max, these modeling tips can be helpful.

Name the Objects

Naming is significant regardless of the program. According to the program’s working principle, if you name your layers or objects, you will realize that you find what you are looking for much more comfortably. The same is true for 3Ds Max. The program automatically names them as you create objects. However, you can still rename your items to avoid confusion.

You Don’t Have to Do Everything by Yourself

3Ds Max provides you with professional modeling tools enough to make any dream come true. With these tools, you can create even the most challenging models. But is this still necessary in every case?
For example, when working on a home project, is it all about modeling the house itself or the kettle on the kitchen’s stove?

3Ds Max’s modeling tools and ready-made object archives created with 3Ds Max are quite common. You can download many of these successful models from the internet for free and use them in your projects. Or you can use the materials in them as a reference for your work.


The isolation tool is included in 3Ds Max, like many modeling programs. With this command, you can only see the object (s) you selected (or layer) and make changes to it. Although it may seem useless at the beginner level, it will be one of the commands you use the most as you create complex models. It is just useful enough to be aware of its existence now.

Master Snap Settings

One of the best features of 3Ds Max is that it has a Snap tools feature. As you know, 3Ds Max has a viewing system that allows you to see the model you are working on from every angle at the same time. You view your model by switching between these windows.

3Ds Max’s Snap settings are also necessary during these transitions to grasp the objects correctly and drop them precisely at the desired point.


3Ds Max can seem very complicated to you with its interface. But remember that this program is one of the most comprehensive 3D modeling programs in the world. Still, 3Ds Max has more customization buttons than any other 3D modeling program.
Feel free to use them to customize the program interface. Fill your workspace with only the commands and buttons you need, and things used most often. Simplify the space by getting rid of the rest. Create a comfortable modeling space for yourself.

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