A Day of an Architecture Student

Architecture students are different types of people. It is challenging for you to see them in social life. Because they live like a Dracula, they do not sleep at night and do not leave the workshop during the day. All joking aside! It’s fun to be friends with them, even though they have a busy pace. They can know a wide variety of topics. Besides, the homework they are dealing with is far from the usual concept of a task. They are difficult for them to do and fun for an outsider to watch. Since we talked about architecture students so much, let’s take you on a short journey to their challenging but fun lives. Here is a day of an architecture student!

When Did The Sun Rise? 

Morning hours rarely mean the beginning of the day for architecture students. Because they either haven’t slept yet or have found time to sleep with the sunrise. If they haven’t slept, they take a break from the long night with the first lights of the day. They start getting ready for the school day ahead.

On the Roads Again

For architecture students, the hours when everyone goes to work or school in the morning are similar. However, their task is much more difficult. If you pay attention, you realize that you do not see an architecture student who does not carry homework or project files. They always carry their homework somewhere. Therefore, in public transportation such as the metro and bus, the road gets longer for them. Even the idea of damaging their homework all night is enough to stress architecture students.

A Coffee Before Class 

Architecture students can only feel some comfort in the safe environment of their studio. Because their workshop is a rare place where they can leave their homework quickly, they never forget how hard they worked for their projects. That’s why nobody deliberately harms someone else’s project or work. An architecture student also leaves their homework in the workshop or closet and finds the opportunity to have their morning coffee.

Most architecture students do not have a diet. However, they never pass their coffee. Their most fantastic companion on sleepless nights and their mornings is coffee.

Let the Lessons Begin

The presentation, which was done all night, maybe all week, has finally arrived! Well, is it worth all this exhaustion? It isn’t effortless to be sure about this part. Because there is no single truth in architecture, designs can be interpreted with many different approaches. Therefore, in open jury presentations, there is a possibility that the project will receive every comment, which is positive and negative. Still, a single positive word is enough to make them forget about that horrible night they had. An architecture student, whose motivation for the project has increased, has already risked a sleepless night to do better. But also there are some things that not taught in the school.

Time to Be Human Again

Finally, the lesson is over, and we have come to the end of another tough school day. It’s time to be a human now a little bit! Architecture students may have one proper meal of the day in the evening when they recharge. (By the way, if anyone sleeps towards morning, they have probably just woken up.)

What’s next?

The meal is over; it is getting dark. So what’s next? If they are in a lucky week in terms of deadlines, they can spend the evening as they wish. But this is not the case for most architecture students. An architecture student always has a task to complete. That’s why they are already used to watching movies while doing homework. It is the kind of work that awaits them after dinner.


A busy day is over. Now is the time to sleep in peace. But for architecture students, the night is just beginning! If they’re lucky, they can get some sleep before the sun rises. However, it is quite common to work without sleep for several nights one after another during a project’s busy periods. Nevertheless, the relief that comes when the deadlines are over and presented in their best form makes them forget everything.

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