Advice for Architecture Students: What You Must Know

Architecture students sometimes overlook the points that are important to them with the intensity of their lessons. However, there are some points that there is no option to manage. Because these are the concepts that underlie design knowledge and successful projects, here are some topics that architecture students should know.

Gestalt Principles

Architecture students learn these principles intensely in the first year of their education. Architectural education is mostly related to these principles. As time passes, these principles become more than memorized and unique items. They turn into a design reflex. Every project, abstract or concrete, if successful, it has successfully applied Gestalt principles. Therefore, it is out of the question for an architecture student not to know these principles.

Color Theory

Architecture is an area where aesthetics come to the fore due to its nature, although its technical requirements are too high. For this reason, we cannot consider an architecture student who does not know color theory. Even with the essential points, every architecture student should master the color circle and color theory.


The discovery of perspective has irreversibly changed world history, both in art and architecture. Philosophy is the method we use to transfer our three-dimensional thinking mind onto two-dimensional paper. Therefore, architecture students should have perspective knowledge. Only in this way can they learn to think in three dimensions and express what they feel by drawing.

Digital Drawing

Many great old architects drew up the buildings we admire today and did their engineering calculations without a computer. This further increases our respect for them. However, we are now living in the 21st century.

Therefore, although architectural education starts with drawing by hand, every architectural student must know digital. Otherwise, it will be impossible to draw projects by hand with today’s complex construction techniques and speed.

Cost-Marketing Information

Architecture students can be very good at design. However, those who want to profit from this business in the future must have a basic level of cost information and marketing techniques to market their own business.

History and Philosophy

It is not possible for architects who are unaware of historical references to produce innovative buildings. Therefore, architecture students must know history (including art history) and philosophy at a basic level, although it may seem boring to them.

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