An Architect’s Career

Do you often think about what awaits you in your architectural career? There are so many ways you can deviate as an architect. Each of these can have very different effects on your career. However, whatever you choose, your starting steps will be similar to many architect candidates. That is a long and challenging road. Maybe knowing what you may encounter will give you some confidence in this journey that you are at the very beginning.

Being a Student

You have to get through your tough academic years before you start climbing the ladder in your architectural career. These will be the years of your life when you have the most difficult but also have the most fun. The beginning of the student years may be more complicated than the late ones. As you get closer to your senior year, you will become much more resistant to school and challenging homework as an experienced student.


That is where your career starts! Before the end of school, you will enter the architecture sector with small internships that form during the summer holidays. The efficiency you get from these internships depends on you. The more you show your willingness to learn, people start to take you more seriously. Of course, there is also a luck factor. If you don’t want to leave your job to chance as an intern, we recommend that you start your research early. Thus, you can send your portfolio to the companies you have caught sight of and attract attention.

Post Graduation

You are graduated, summer internships are over. What will you do now? If you are lucky, you will get a job and start your architectural career right away. But this is life; everything may not happen as you planned. So before you burst into tears, it’s worth remembering that this is a process many new graduates go through. All you have to do now is to look for a job for a while. Job interviews are very annoying for all of us. However, one of them will still be your future. Do not lose your hope.

Being an Inexperienced Employee

If there is a milestone in your architectural career, this is it. Here you will understand that a degree in architecture is not enough to get a job with an architect status. You will start your career as an “inexperienced employee” like everyone else. But don’t worry, these years will pass so quickly that you will be surprised at how much you have learned in a short time.

The Light Appears At the End of the Tunnel

You have dealt with challenging projects over the years. You graduated, went to internships, and you worked hard to gain experience. Now the light has appeared for you at the end of the tunnel. Because now you are an experienced architect! Now you can take your career wherever you want with your diploma and experience gained in real life.

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