Which Architectural Competition Should I Participate in?

Architectural competitions can open up enormous opportunities for architecture students. Many students get closer to the career they dream of by introducing themselves in the industry during their student years. However, to achieve this success, it is necessary to choose prestigious and open competitions for international participants. Thus, you will not only be limited to your geography but also create opportunities for yourself all over the world. So, let’s look at the prestigious architectural competitions open to both students and professionals, without any further distraction.

What Design Can Do

This architectural competition, which started in 2011 with Autodesk and IKEA’s cooperation, deals with much more than aesthetics. There is no obligation to be an architect to participate in this organization, which is open to students and professionals worldwide.

The competition aims to make the world a better place by bringing constructive and creative solutions to today’s problems. Addressing various points that occupy the world, WDCD provides its participants with freedom from project location to concepts from the immigration problem to climate change. The winners are entitled to an award of up to 900.00 Euros that includes the project implementation budget.

120 Hours

120 Hours was launched in 2010 by the Oslo Architecture and Design School students, one of the world’s well-known architecture schools. 120 Hours, which started with students and students’ motto, has also succeeded in bringing significant innovation to the concept of an architectural competition.

120 Hours, a non-profit architectural competition where participation is voluntary and, as the name suggests, gives students only 120 hours to complete the submission.

Students, who can produce solutions to a complex problem with social and architectural aspects within 120 hours, have the opportunity to both have fun and completely release their creativity in this short time.

120 Hours is one of the most prestigious architectural competitions organized by students today. With its jury consisting of participants from all over the world and world-famous names, this competition is one of the places where you should try your luck during your student years.

Architecture At Zero

Architectural competitions have been gaining appreciation in recent years with their environmentalist approaches and concept choices. Architecture At Zero is a competition that is directly related to an environmentalist goal approach. This architectural competition focuses on highly energy-efficient designs. In the competition, which is open to students, architects, city and environmental planners, and engineers worldwide, participants should present their technical details.


The last of the architectural competitions where you should try your luck once in your student years is eVolo. This competition is entirely related to skyscraper design. The annual eVolo is among the world’s most prestigious architecture competitions.

eVolo prompts its participants to reflect on the definition of a skyscraper in the 21st century. The requirements of this building, its features, its impact on the social and cultural structure, plus its location should be in the concept.

eVolo is open to students, professional architects, engineers, and environmental planners worldwide.

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