Architectural Competitions: Give a Chance

Architectural competitions have come across almost every architecture student throughout their education life. Many instructors even encourage their students to enter these competitions. However, as a student, it is normal to have hesitations at some points. Today we’re going to talk about why you should try your luck at these competitions, after all. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Different Views Take Forward

Architectural competitions bring together experts from many different fields. These experts evaluate your design. You can even get the opportunity to explain your project to these people in advanced stages. You may think why architectural competitions should be so important when you have enough juries at school.

It is not the instructors you already know who regularly attend your classes, who evaluate you in architectural competitions. They are foreign experts who have no idea about you and your design language. In this case, the critical and feedback you receive from them can significantly contribute to your self-improvement. At some point, this is the motivation of architectural competitions in terms of participants. The more people you get your opinion on and get feedback, the further you’ll take yourself.

Result Not Important

Architectural competitions often offer attractive prizes to their participants. Just the idea of ​​winning these awards can be motivating for a student. However, it can also lead to some sort of anxiety.

Students tend to treat it as an event that should be embarrassed if they fail to win the competition they entered. Of course, such an approach is not correct.

The experience you gain in architectural competitions as a student can come back to you in professional life in many ways. While just participating in these competitions can be a reference, you can also use your connections with the people you meet in your business life.

Most importantly, architectural competitions allow you to experience the professional work process while still studying. Thus, you will test and improve yourself. In short, participating in architectural competitions is much more important than winning any prizes. You may not immediately see the benefits of this in your life, but you will realize its value at some point.

Opportunity to Discover Yourself

Throughout the article, we talked about architectural competitions. However, only architectural competitions may not attract the attention of an architect candidate. Suppose the field you want to head towards in your design education is different from architecture. In that case, the competitions you will experience as a student can help you discover yourself.

There are many competitions from the east that do not require architectural design but are also open to architecture students. You don’t have to limit yourself to architectural competitions, either. By joining those that interest you, you can discover which stage of the design appeals to you. So you start your professional life confidently.

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