Architectural digital illustration/visualization, which is an indispensable part of the architectural discipline, is an architectural visualization technique that should be learned by all architecture students. Today, we make this technique faster and easier with the help of digital tablets.

Digital architecture techniques will enable you to be used as an effective tool in the architectural design process. You will have a strong portfolio, by learning the steps that will guide you in preparing your portfolio. You can develop yourself in digital architecture to get to know digital drawing for landscape architecture and learn about architectural space digitally and learn how to use digital tools for your architectural projects.

In this workshop, you will learn to be able to consider the frame of photography while creating the composition, and most importantly, to express them in harmony. While dealing with the details of the project with the perspective of an architect, when you go out of the project and examine the structure from another perspective, you will see that this point of view will give you a different perspective and will lead to important changes in your career and academic life.

Architecture or Interior Design Students preparing portfolios
Architecture and Interior Design Students

-Digital Drawing Tools
-Digital Drawing Skills
-Basics of digital art/drawing
-How to draw perspective
-How to use of light
-Color, texture, pattern Architectural Visualization
-How to transfer your thoughts to digital sketches

Ipad Air/ Pro
Drawing Tablets

1 day, 2,5 hours 

Up to 30 Participants

3 days, 10am-4pm
1 hour lunch,
15 min breaks – after each 2 hours.

Up to 15 Participants

Architectural Digital Illustration​