Introduction to Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography is important to show how the framework of the building has evolved over time according to climate change and human footprints.

In this workshop, you will learn to be able to consider the frame of photography while creating the composition, and most importantly, to express them in harmony. While dealing with the details of the project with the perspective of an architect, when you go out of the project and examine the structure from another perspective, you will see that this point of view will give you a different perspective and will lead to important changes in your career and academic life.

Architectural photography is to present the language of buildings, monuments, interiors and exteriors from a different perspective. You will have developed yourself on your approach to architecture with tips, tricks, techniques. You will understand how to render, photomontages, and you can start building a portfolio that includes various building photography.

– Basics on photography: camera tips, composition, lines, shadows
– Perspectives with 2 and 3 vanishing points
– Presentation

– Retouching: Photoshop, Lighting details
– Practice

– Evaluation and critics of the photographs of the participants.

Intermediate/ Advanced
Architecture and all Design Students
Interior Designers
Art Directors

Laptops and DSLRs are required. Adobe Lightroom and Capture One 5 Pro.

3 days, 10am-4pm
1 hour lunch,
15 min breaks – after each 2 hours.

Up to 15 Participants