Art History 101: Book Recommendations for Beginners

Art history is a fascinating, intriguing, and sometimes confusing field. One of the biggest reasons why those interested in art history and could not enter this field took a step back is that they do not know where to start. However, there is no need to think anymore.

Below you will find a shortlist of the most fundamental books that even first-time art history readers can understand. This list will help you get started in art history. We hope you will like this area and go deeper. Have a good reading!

The Story of Art-Erns Gombrich

We can say that this book is a must-have resource in every art lover’s library. This simple but effective work maintains its validity as a severe resource in academia.

The Story of Art, which does not bore with a plain language but can convey a lot of information, is one of the first sources that come to mind when we talk about art history.

Life Stories of the Artists – Giorgio Vasari

Would you like to read a great book from history’s first art historian? The famous Italian painter, writer, architect, and art historian Giorgio Vasari wrote the book in 1568, and it is still available today. Well, is this work that important?

As a matter of fact, yes! Giorgio Vasari was a part of the art community in his time as a painter and architect. He lived in the same period with many other architects, sculptors, and painters that are very famous today and even met with some. However, he had a completely different feature that took him from his artist identity and put him where we are talking about even today.

Vasari could not stop his historian side and was recording everything. Moreover, his pen was strong, and he did not hesitate to criticize the art world. He finally decided to put all these writings together. Furthermore, he deepened his research when it was necessary for the book to come out and completed the life stories of the artists in the book.

Thus, the Life Stories of the Artists came out. If you want to read Renaissance artists’ lives and interpret their art through a Renaissance person’s eyes, do not overlook this work. Perfect for opening your horizons.

Ways of Seeing-John Berger

Art history is not just about examining the old sculptures and looking at the paintings on the museum’s walls. To understand art, you should go a little deeper. That is where John Berger is a great starting point.

They say that many art and architecture students should read that book during the first years of education. The same is true for those who are interested in art history. To understand the visual expression we call “art,” it is necessary to know how it manifests in mind.

Ismler-Understanding Art-Stephen Little

If you are looking for necessary information regarding art history, this book is for you. This book, which has rich visual content and a fluent narration, will summarize the most fundamental movements that have marked the history of art.

Izmler, which can be preferred by those who want to enter the history of art without getting bored or overwhelmed, also offers museum suggestions for each movement.

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