Art Instaalation / Exhibition Design is a synthesized creation of multiple design disciplines to transmit creative and artistic approaches to the audience in various 3D environments with a concept. Art Installation / Exhibition Space Design is to convey the effect of the artwork in terms of visibility, accessibility, and visual and sensory aspects to the audience.
Art Installation Workshop should be considered as a new perspective to understand architectural space. In the design of the exhibition spaces, it is important that the works are properly illuminated and the distribution of the works is well arranged. These parameters should adapt to the concept and show integrity with space; at the same time, art and architecture should be integrated and a common language should be created. The place changes with different types of exhibitions, and it is important to interpret and perceive them correctly. In this workshop, you will learn to interpret correctly.
In the design of the exhibition space, there is creativity that emerges with the harmony of more than one design discipline. Exhibitions take place in cultural, educational and public settings such as museums, art galleries, libraries, exhibition halls and fairs. While designing the area, performances, sculptures, audiovisual pieces as well as new experiences are kept in mind. Museums and galleries allow you to gain insight into this architectural process. Parameters in the exhibition design process play a big role in the effective display of artworks. Successfully designed exhibition space captures a common language with its visitors. In this workshop, you will learn how to increase visibility, accessibility and visual impact with what you have learned. By combining your own creativity with architecture and art, you can create a work of art and take part in the design of many areas.

Beginner / Intermediate
Interior Designers
Art Directors
Exhibition Organizers
Students studying at relevant subject such as Museology, Exhibition Design, Photography and etc.

– Introduction Presentation of famous places
– Context between the Architecture and Exhibitions
– Q-A

– Managing the Environmental Spaces
– Psychological aspects – Q-A

– Project Proposal: Selection of space and concept
– Lecture: How to create a project?
– Q-A

– Practice
– Q-A

– Presentations of the Participants
– Discussion / Feedback
– Q-A

Documents will be shared

5 Days: 10am – 4pm