Introduction to REVIT

Revit, Autodesk’s BIM-based software, is a program that everyone in the construction industry has heard of at least once. Architects, designers, structural and civil engineers, environmental engineers, and many more professionals use Revit while working. One of the prerequisites for working in large construction companies is to have a knowledge of this software. In short, there is no reason for you not to start learning this program today.

Revit program is compatible with all Autodesk-based programs and can be transferred easily. When the Revit program is used correctly and effectively, it shortens the time you spend in programs. While drawing your project plan, it will provide you great convenience in transferring your project into different programs and seeing the project you have created from many angles, as the cross-section, view, and model are also formed. You will also need it throughout your academic life and will also be at the top of the skills you will add to your portfolio in your business life. Mostly, some offices prefer people who can only use Revit because it is an important program that provides ease of use even though it is challenging to learn. Revit program is used in most of the architecture and interior architecture offices in the world.

Revit will enable you to take your projects to the next level with the workshop. You will apply 3D models of building products to scale in a project. It will allow to reveal the overall design more effectively throughout the entire project process.

You will learn how to create drawings by exploring the Revit interface, and use the mouse practically, keyboard tricks to work quickly and efficiently, and work with family

– Revit interface
– Simple drawings using necessary commands
– Commands such as grid, axis, level elevation from drawing settings
– Family
– Modeling Elements
– Section and view in the three-dimensional drawing
– Finalizing the mini project for presentation



Building designers

Interior Designers

Revit training is based primarily on Revit 2017. It is relevant to all recent versions of Revit.

3 days