Corona Renderer: Basic Review

Corona renderer is a rendering engine that we have heard quite often in recent years. Despite being a newcomer to the market, we cannot ignore that it does a good job. So what exactly is this engine, and how is it used? Which programs does it work with? Let’s examine in general terms by answering the most common questions about Corona Renderer if you are ready.

What is Corona Renderer?

Corona Renderer is a student project that first appeared in Prague in 2009. Ondrej Karlik, a Czech Technical University student at that time, started Corona Renderer as a school project. Later, with Adam Hotovy and Jaroslav Krivanek’s participation, Corona turned into a company. Today, it serves as one of the world’s most famous render engines owned by the renowned Chaos Group.

Which Modeling Programs Does It Work With?

Corona Renderer is compatible with 3Ds Max and Cinema 4D. Its high adaptability to these programs is one of the reasons why Corona Renderer is preferred frequently.

Is It Difficult to Learn Corona Renderer?

As the developers of Corona Renderer have explained, learning to use this engine is easy. The developers’ goal is to free the designer from complicated parameter settings and make the least effort to achieve the most compelling images. Therefore, it is possible to get used to the Corona Renderer in a day.

According to general comments, Corona Renderer integrates quite well into modeling program interfaces. Thus, it is possible to get used to and start using in a day and get effective results in a week.

Is Corona Fast Enough?

Corona Renderer uses multiple methods to speed up rendering time. Moreover, you do not need costly hardware to get high-quality fast rendering from this engine. While developing Corona Renderer, the aim was to make this render engine accessible to everyone and a platform where everyone can achieve good results. That’s why Corona Renderer works CPU-based, not GPU, unlike many rendering engines.

Also, Corona has a distributed rendering feature. So you can spread the scenes to multiple computers and divide the work to reduce rendering time.

Does Corona Provide Flexibility in Materials?

Corona Renderer satisfies designers with its material library. However, such render engines are not only used by interior designers. Animators, artists, and people from many other industries may need render engines. At this point, Corona Renderer is more advantageous than other render engines.

The flexibility it offers in terms of materials and the fact that the visuals obtained are still more realistic make Corona the reason to choose. Although we can bring the same results with other rendering programs, the most significant advantage of Corona at this point is that it minimizes the effort. It is also possible to model fantasy worlds using Corona Renderer in a much shorter and more comfortable time.

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