Designer Career: How Do I Find a Job?

The idea of ​​being a designer has attracted the attention of the younger generation in recent years. However, most of those who dream of a career in the design industry do not have a clear idea of ​​what they should do to get a job. There are other points that companies hiring designers to pay attention to, although being interested in this field is an excellent motivation for job seekers. Here are the features companies looking for in candidates who want to hire a designer.


A portfolio may be more important for a designer than a CV when it comes to it. Therefore, without a portfolio, we cannot imagine a designer. When you apply for a designer position anywhere, you need to give the people who will review your application an idea of ​​your past work and design understanding. For this reason, a portfolio is essential.

When preparing a portfolio, it is essential to keep in mind that it is not only your old work that will stand out. Your presentation style, graphic character, and page design also indicate your vision as a designer. Therefore, you should design your portfolio well, and if you print it out, you should get quality prints in acceptable sizes (such as A4 or A3).

You should also pay attention to the file size if you plan to send your portfolio digitally. Huge and time-consuming files will not please anyone.


When you apply for a job as a designer, people will wonder about your old jobs and workplaces. Using a valid reference letter from your old workplace will create a positive impression on you if possible.

Remember that people will check your references when applying for a designer position or another position. Do not add unreal information on this subject to your CV.


No designer works alone. Design is a process based on teamwork as well as on imagination. That’s why one of the most critical points companies pay attention to when hiring a designer is how harmonious you are.

Being compatible with teamwork, being diligent, and taking responsibility are among the features that make you stand out among other candidates.

Working Time

Stability is an essential point for employers. Nobody can fully trust an unstable element. For an employer to trust you as their designer, you also need to show that you are a stable employee.

Changing too many jobs in a short time will adversely affect your image in the employer’s eyes. It will be more favorable for your designer career to avoid changing jobs at short intervals (except for compulsory and reasonable reasons) not to give the message that you are impatient and unfit for teamwork.

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