How Should a Good Architectural Portfolio Be?

The architectural portfolio is an essential document in the architecture industry, often replacing CV. Thanks to the portfolio, architects can present their past works and their views on architecture. Moreover, a well-prepared portfolio can provide excellent career opportunities to the person. That is why every architect and architect candidate must know the tricks of preparing an architectural portfolio.

Graphic Character

Although you evaluate the architectural portfolio’s content, we cannot deny the graphic character’s importance. Details such as page layout, readability, page design will be the first points that people who examine the portfolio will pay attention to.


Nobody wants to examine a jumbled portfolio. Moreover, one cannot measure the professional value of an architect by the thickness of his portfolio. Therefore, a presentation that is as simple as possible and free from every distraction will be much more successful.

Design Reflecting the Person

The architectural portfolio should give an idea of ​​how one looks at architecture. Since the perspective on design and architecture is critical in recruitment, it is also essential to reflect this on the portfolio.

Structure Analysis

The architectural portfolio should reflect the architect’s handling of a building, and such progress should follow. So when you start a project, how you approach and analyze the structure, you should explain it clearly to the other party.

Emphasis on Technical Details

It is essential to show that you care about technical details while preparing an architectural portfolio. You should use technical drawing in a readable way, as straightforward as possible, but it shows that you have a good command of the subject. Your plans, sections, and views must be correct. Also, to understand what they are looking at, each page of the portfolio should have a letterhead.


Many unreal projects come to life, especially during the school years. Although these are very creative and successful as a concept, seeing them in the portfolio in real life does not affect the other party. You cannot expect one never to implement an architectural portfolio full of designs to provide practical information about you to the people who examine your portfolio.

Visual Support

The architectural portfolio that stands out amongst others is one that can prove serious in this business. That is only possible by carefully preparing the architectural portfolio. A neat, exact, understandable file and full of impressive projects will always be one step ahead.

Do not hesitate to add details such as model photos and three-dimensional visuals to improve your architectural portfolio.

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