How to Be a Good Designer?

The concept of design is so widespread nowadays that it is not even clear which area we are talking about when we say, designer. We may be talking about architecture, graphic design, or a completely different field. However, this does not mean that the problems faced by creative minds who want to be better designers are various. We all face the same inquiries and try to create better designs regardless of our industry.

There is no exact formula that works 100 percent to be a better designer. But we no longer have to get stuck in our mind cycle. By sharing techniques and experiences that work for us, we can support each other in becoming better designers. As a result, better designs will lead to a better world.

Set Requirements

Whatever the industry you work in, identify the knowledge and skills you need to be a good designer in this field. Do not be afraid to address issues that you find yourself incomplete. The development will come as you go beyond your limits. You will not believe how good a designer you become at the end of the process.

Learn by Imitating

People often say that Painters imitate the work of their favorite painters. Thus, the novice painters train themselves on techniques, brush mastery, and color through imitation. The same is true for designers. Especially young designers at the beginning of the road can bring their famous works back to life better.


Since our work is mostly related to visuality, we designers have the luxury of being able to do something even when they are not doing anything. Our minds are not always at their most productive. When we sit down at the table, it is improbable that we have ideas that no one had thought of before. So it’s best to leave that table now and then. Observing life, people, experiences, reactions, and social patterns is significant to create better designs.

Value Returns

Make fair use of feedback to be a better designer. Get their opinions by showing your work to as many people as possible. Even if possible, some of the people you get back from should not be designers. Ask people who are entirely distant from the design industry, such as family members and friends, and ask what they think of your design. Do not forget that your showcases will be mostly used and evaluated by people outside the design industry.

There’s Always a Better You

You may have identified and worked on your shortcomings in becoming a better designer. There is no doubt that you are now more confident in your field. But remember, you always have the potential to be a better designer. Even if you have all the industry skills at an advanced level, there will be few points where you can improve yourself. Focus on these and enjoy perfecting the skills you’ve gained.

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