How to change background colour in Autocad?

The default background colour in AutoCAD is black. Black is a cool color, but it is not the best for working on screen  for a long time while planning an architectural project. You might already know how to use layers to create different colored drawings. How about changing the background color in AutoCAD?

The background colour of your screen affects your productivity. The field of your expertise does not matter, whether you work in architecture, design, or engineering. You should be able to work all day without  getting tired of your eyes. Therefore, AutoCAD displays are best with a gray background. Let’s follow the steps to learn how to change background colour in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD offers different options for users of Mac and Windows in order to change the background color.  

On Windows

1 – On the command line in AutoCAD, type OPTIONS

2 – In Options, click the Display tab and then the Colors button

3 – Choose 2D model space and Uniform background (selected by default)

4 – Click the Color drop-down menu and select the gray (or target) colour 

5 – Click Apply and Close and then OK

On MacOS

1 – On the command line in AutoCAD, type OPTIONS

2 – In Application Preferences, click the Look and Feel tab

3 – Click the Modelspace menu and select gray (target) colour

4 – Click OK.

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