How to change units in Revit?

By changing the Project Units in Revit, you change what’s displayed rather than what’s loaded into the project. See how easy it is to change units in Revit by following these steps.

1. Go to the Manage tab > Setting panel > Project Units
2. Select the discipline under Project Units Dialog
3. Click on the value of the Format column to change how that unit is displayed. The format dialog displays.
4. If necessary, specify the units
5. Choose an appropriate value for rounding. You need to enter a value into the Rounding increment text box if you selected Custom
6. Choose the appropriate unit symbol from the list
7. The following options are available:
– Suppress trailing 0’s
When selected, trailing zeros are not displayed (for example, 123.400 displays as 123.4).
– Suppress 0 Feet
If selected, does not display the 0 foot value (for example, 0′ – 4″ displays as 4″). This is an option for both lengths and slopes
– Show + for positive values
– Use digit grouping
In Project Units dialog, the Decimal symbol selection/digit grouping option is applied to the unit value.
– Suppress spaces
If selected, suppresses spaces around feet and fractional inches (for example, 1′-2″ displays as 1′-2″). It is available for both lengths and slopes.
8. Click OK

You have already changed the units in Revit 3D.

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3d model with revit plan on the pc screen