How to change units in SketchUp?

SketchUp lets you start a new 3D modeling project by selecting a template. The template determines the unit of measurement of the entire model. SketchUp 3D modes typically use a unit of measurement to determine the scale of your object, such as feet or meters for buildings; inches or centimeters for wooden models. The Backstudio Milan Academy provides everything you need to change the units in your SketchUp models. Take a look at the instructions below

SketchUp lets you change the units of measurement by clicking to Window > Model Info > Units

Select your desired unit format from the Format drop-down list: Architectural, Decimal, Engineering, or Fractional. Depending on the format you choose, different options are available for the Units panels, as explained in the following list.

Here’s what the Units options do in the Model Info Window:

Format: Choose the format you wish to use. Architectural, Decimal, Engineering, or Fractional are the options.

Length, Area and Volume: Select from the drop-down lists which unit you prefer to use for each type of measurement. By selecting the Decimal format, you can set different decimal units of measurement for length, area, and volume. As an example, you might want length in centimeters, while your area and volume are measured in meters. With this example, you would draw and measure line lengths in centimeters by default, while an entity’s area or volume would appear in meters.

Display precision: Depending on the format, you can specify the level of precision you would like. In the Architectural option, you can adjust measurements up to 1/64 of an inch, and in the Engineering option, you can select up to six decimal places.

Enable Length Snapping: When this checkbox is selected, your drawing tool will snap to the closest unit at the precision level indicated in the text box.

Display Units Format: You can select this option when you choose Decimal or Fractional. Selecting this checkbox displays the unit in ToolTips. When you clear the check box, only the number appears.

Force Display of 0”: You can access this option by choosing Architectural. When the checkbox is selected, units are shown with trailing zeros (for example, 3′ 0′ instead of 3′).

Angle Degrees: Using the drop-down list, you can specify how precise your angles need to be, up to three decimal places.

Enable Angle Snapping: The angle you draw or measure will be snapped to the closest unit when this checkbox is selected.

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