How to colour the house in 3DS max software?

Gratulation! The 3D house is perfectly crafted and you nail the 3ds Max. Let’s color it now. Follow these steps to get started. You can do this in just a few minutes.

1. First, you need to separate the house objects according to the color scheme you desire.
2. Use the Element Tool and select the object you want to colour
3. Click on the Material Editor button on the top menu once the element is selected
4. To display the options, drag and drop the Standard Material into the main view and double-click it
5. Double-click the Diffuse Box to view the colour menu
6. Select your desired element’s color and click the Assign to Material button
7. Afterward, repeat step 6 to color the rest of the house

That’s all! Your 3D design house has already been colored. Keep going. Practise to improve your skill. It is possible for you to create any idea you wish with 3ds Max Software.

villa with a pool visual created with 3ds max software design program