How to create a 3D solid using revolve command in Autocad?

If you have viewed our tutorial named how to use the Revolve command in AutoCAD, then you already understand its basic principles. The next step will be to use the Revolve Command to make a 3D solid surface. You can do it quickly and easily. Let’s go through the steps.

If the Mode option is set to Surface you can create a surface.
If the Mode option is set to Solid you can create a solid.
When revolving a solid, you can only use a revolve angle of 360 degrees.

Depending on whether you are creating a surface or solid, choose the mode.
Start Angle. Specifies an offset for the revolution from the plane of the object being revolved.
Reverse. Changes the direction of the revolve.
Expression. Enter a formula or equation to specify the revolve angle. This option is only available if you are creating associative surfaces.

That’s all. Using AutoCAD’s Revolve command, you can create 3D solids or surfaces. Would you like to learn more about AutoCAD Software. Our Architectural AutoCAD Software Course will teach you everything you need to know about architectural software. Our demo class is available for you to try. We offer it for free.