How to make a cone in Sketchup?

You can use Sketchup to create a 3D world by combining different drawing tools, views, components, and organization tools. Here is a tip on how to make a cone in Sketchup. Let’s get started and shape it.

1. Press C on your keyboard to create a circle, or click the Circle icon on your top toolbar. Then, click anywhere on the screen and drag the mouse outwards from where you clicked. After you have decided how big to make it, simply click again to confirm.
2. From the center to the edge and center upwards, draw a line to determine the cone’s height. A line should connect the top of the standing line and the edge of the circle that looks like a triangle.
3. By clicking on Tools, select the Follow Me tool. You just have to hover over the edge of the circle when you click on the triangle. Drag it around the circle’s outline.

There you have it. Congratulations. Your cone is made in SketchUp!

sketching a building