How to Prepare for Architectural Competitions?

Architectural competitions are one of the best opportunities for an architecture student to test himself. Moreover, not only students but also architects can open new possibilities by entering competitions opened for them. But does the job end by just wanting to enter the contest? Here it is necessary to have some idea about architectural competitions. It is best to prepare step by step correctly so that you do not waste your effort in vain.

Concept Building

Architectural competitions are places where originality is at the forefront. Here, you can do experimental studies and put forward works where the concept stands out. In short, you are free in architectural competitions. But of course, this freedom also has limits.

Your design concept must be robust, logical, and well-founded. Putting out experimental work doesn’t mean breaking away. If you start your design process with a feasible and robust idea, you can end up with a perfect and unprecedented project.

Team Recruitment

Architectural idea competitions are usually available for architecture students, and you can enter them without a team. However, in some contests, it is mandatory to have a team. You can see the experts that should be in your team in the architectural competition specifications. You can consider including many professions such as civil engineer, electrical engineer, the environmental and urban planner.

At this point, it’s essential to team up with people you can trust. Everyone in the team should work in harmony and do their part. Otherwise, deficiencies will occur in the project presentation.


All the rules of the architectural competition you want to participate in are in the competition specifications. If necessary, it will be useful to read this over and over again. Details such as the requested, accepted presentation, and delivery method are all included here. You should not skip any items as projects that do not meet the specifications’ terms, or you may not be among the competitors anymore.

Technical Competence

Architectural competitions can also be related to only design ideas. However, it is essential to carefully draw the details requested from you to implement the project tomorrow in real life. The technical language of your project should be clear, healthy, and accurate.

You should present the projects that comply with the technical drawing rules and include the details requested from you to the competition jury.

Competition Sheet

There may sometimes be limitations on the size and number of sheets in architectural competitions. Remember that you must adhere to these limitations and deliver your presentation. Also, the jury’s time to examine your project in architectural competitions will be limited.

Whether you make the presentation yourself or participate in an architectural competition with a closed jury evaluation, the evaluation time allocated to you is absolute. Remember that the jury will not be able to review your project for too long.

Therefore, take care to give the idea, purpose, what it wants to do, and the project’s necessary technical details in the first sheet.

Make your layout clear and easy to understand. You may not be present to make a statement with the jury. Try to build your design so that even someone who has no idea can understand the project when people look at it.


The most prominent in architectural competitions is a concept and technical competence. However, this should not make you think that you can throw visuality into the background. Your model, three-dimensional images, and how you present them are critical factors in making space feel.

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