International Awarded Wooden Tower Design

Danish architectural firm 3XN and Switzerland’s leading planner IttenBrechbühl designed a tower for the real estate company Insula SA of the Realstone Group. This 85-meter wooden tower, named Tilia Tower, will have mixed-use with apartments, shops, and a hotel. Besides, they plan to build the facades of two other buildings in the area and will be renewed to create visual integrity with Tilia Tower. 

Lausanne’s New Focus of Interest

Tilia Tower will be in the Prilly-Malley district in Lausanne, Switzerland. Prilly-Malley is a region in the Western suburbs of Lausanne that is said to be developing rapidly. It is noted that Tilia Tower will play a significant role in accelerating this development.

The tower, which aims to revive the region, also undertakes the task of creating public spaces. For this purpose, there were many different social interaction areas such as bars and restaurants in the designs.

Wood Strength

Wood is a significant preference in the design of the Tilia Tower. Wood, which is a sustainable material, is known to reduce the CO2 footprint. Jan Ammundsen, 3XN senior partner and architect of Tilia Tower, explains his choice of wood as follows;

‘We have worked with the philosophy of building a building that respects the human scale by emphasizing its connection with nature and providing good daylight, which we know is essential for human well-being. Wood is a consistent material that gives the project a natural, warm, and solid look. Wood is a great building material and will add an excellent tactile expression to the building.’

In Tilia Tower’s apartments, designers created deep window niches and terraces that connect to the exterior. They aim to create a rhythmic façade as well as increase energy efficiency through shading and daylight optimization.

Tilia Tower plans to create an urban green space in front of the building by carrying its environmentally friendly approach outside the building. The project aims to receive the Minergie-P certificate with all these actions.

The building requires a special bracket for 3XN in an environmentally friendly design. The company, which has previously designed a hotel that has a positive effect against climate change on Bornholm Island, is once again appreciated with Tilia Tower.

Image © 3XN and IttenBrechbühl

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