Is Drawing Skill Important in Architecture?

One of the essential characteristics of architects is, they have distinctive drawing skills. In the first years of architectural education, every student learns drawing at a basic level. However, it takes time and effort to develop this and have a character of its own, and this is a different process for everyone.

Drawing skills are not essential to be a successful architect. However, it cannot be argued that this talent adds a lot to an architect as a better way of expression. That is why, even at a basic level, expressing what is in mind by drawing is one of the characteristics that an architect should have. It is more advantageous than a technical requirement, allowing the architect to communicate more easily with others. An architect who can express himself through drawing avoids misunderstandings and saves time. Since it conveys it to the other party’s mind more efficiently, it becomes easier for them to realize their projects.

Drawing: Talent or Technical Work?

Considering it may seem a little unrealistic that all this depends on a few simple sketches. However, the best technique is always the simplest. So, is it as simple as it seems to express what you have in mind by drawing? Drawing is a nightmare for many people. These people approach freehand drawing with prejudice. Because it is not easy to draw a few lines on paper and create something meaningful and aesthetic, it is a skill for many.

The majority make a mistake here. Drawing is not a skill, but a study and labor in architecture are. If you cannot draw, it is not because you have no talent; it means that you haven’t studied enough yet. Because speaking in terms of architecture, you don’t need a great deal of skill to draw enough to describe your projects at a basic level. With a basic drawing ‘knowledge’ (not talent, knowledge), you can express what you have in mind in two and three dimensions and present your projects.

If you add color theory and a few basic painting techniques to this, you will have results that will make you surprised.

What Can Be Done to Improve Drawing?

As we mentioned above, freehand drawing is not a skill in architecture. Drawing is a process that you can develop depending on the work. However, everyone’s process is specific. Therefore, it is impossible to talk about a set of rules that may be applied to everyone. Still, we can say that it is not helpful to sit and wait to improve your freehand drawings. The key here is to practice. The more and more you practice, the faster your progress will be.

You may think that you cannot advance your drawing techniques on your own. Or you have reached the end of what you can teach yourself. In this case, courses, where you can learn basic drawing techniques, can provide you with the knowledge and motivation you will need to get started. However, it is useful to remind you that attending the classes will not improve your drawing technique on its own unless you work hard.

After all, it’s all about working. Remember that architectural drawing is not a skill but a process of work. With this in mind, take time to draw. You will see severe changes in your drawings in a short time.

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