Known Wrongs About Schools of Architecture

Architecture schools attract the attention of many other students with their great lessons and different narrative techniques. The curriculum, which is typical for students who study at these intriguing schools, can be very surprising for students in other departments. As such, misinformation about studying architecture is increasing. Here we are today to put an end to this information pollution! Here are the common mistakes about architecture schools.

“Studying architecture is very difficult.”

Architecture schools can be challenging on many issues. Even the students who study at these schools sometimes express that the lessons are challenging. However, schools’ difficulty is not due to educators’ evil, but because this field requires excellent knowledge.

Besides, the ‘difficulty’ of the episode means a different situation for everyone. In short, if your dream is to become an architect truly, it would be best to do your research and evaluate whether the department is right for you, rather than believing the rumors right away.

‘Reading Architecture is very easy.’

In contrast to the above proposition, the educational techniques practiced in architecture schools may seem very simple or even fun from afar to some people. Many architecture students have heard phrases such as “I wish I always made models” or “Nice, you are just drawing, very simple.” No one can take these architecture works lightly, and architecture schools also demand a serious effort from their students.

However, you shouldn’t forget that architecture schools, like the university’s other educational units, transfer the information required for their branches to the students. To say from others that it is difficult or easy would be quite personal.

“All architects are skilled in drawing.”

Some of the architecture schools can make aptitude tests in student admission. That shows that the students in these schools really can draw. However, not all architecture schools do aptitude tests for student admission.

Since architecture is an area where visual expression is important, students of architecture become more experienced in this field. They develop the ability to act quickly in visualizing their ideas. However, this does not mean that each of them has high skills. Digital modeling is more prominent in professional life. So you don’t have to have drawing skills to be an architect.

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