Model Making tools

Introduction to Model Making

Model making has great importance in Architecture, according to the development of three-dimensional thinking skills. 3D model making of architectural sketches help us analyze the scale of potential and spatial sense and represent the 3-dimensional state of architectural design.

In model making workshop, you will discover the potentials of your project and the possibilities of having different solutions. It helps you strengthen your 3D thinking and imagination. This workshop, which does not require experience, aims to strengthen your hand skills and turn your project into a 3-dimensional model by using different tools and materials. Foam Core Architectural Model Starter workshop will take students through the process of learning how to take a 2D flat piece of Foam Core board and turn it into a 3-dimensional mock-up model of a small single-family house. Participants may have zero prior experience and start from basic cutting techniques to final finishing and presenting.

You will learn how to make models with confidence and creativity, along with the classic model-making tips and techniques. Since model making is made from topography, you generally understand the space and learn to work in scale; it is different from drawing in an architectural software tool. You can make your design concept model to the future prototype after learning how to use your hand skills with its tools and how to take a 2D flat piece of Foam Core board and turn it into a 3-dimensional mock-up model of a small single-family house.

1. Day- Why do we make architectural models?
Workshop objectives
Introduction into tools and materials
Laying out workflow

Cutting: How to cut? what to use?
Measuring and Marking your materials
Joining demonstrating various ways in which to join two or more pieces at a 90°angle; making corners
Glueing VS Pinning Pros and Cons of both
Cleaning up and removing unwanted errors and finishing

Present a finished model
Understanding the floor plan and elevations

Planning our cutting list
Mounting the printed floor plan onto the baseboard
Starting the Cutting Process. Cutting list; numbering walls Exterior walls A-B-C etc, Interior walls 1-2-3 etc
Windows and doors

2. Day
Recap of the day 1 and discussion of the process

Attaching exterior walls
Glueing all 90°corners for exterior walls
Glueing exterior walls to the baseboard and floor layout
Attaching interior walls, 90°corners
Glueing interior walls to the baseboard and floor layout
Recap of earlier work
Completing the model to have ALL interior and exterior walls – All doorways and windows
Finishing and cleaning off errors

Knowing what to add and why
Making windows and door frames – Cutting and glueing
Furniture: How to make beds, chairs, sofa, table etc

3. Day
Recap of day 2 and discussion about the progress

Cutting and glueing in place floor textures (files will be provided)
Cutting and glueing wall textures to the interior

-Phase VII:
Completion of all work progress
Discussion about the importance of the presentation
Tips and techniques about presentation

-Phase VIII:
Participants’ Presentation
Evaluation and Discussion

Beginners / Intermediates

Architecture and Design Students

Architects/ Interior Designers

Personal Interests

• White Foam core boards 70 x 50 (or closest available in your region)
[10 mm for exterior walls (qty to be decided), 5 mm for interior walls (qty to be decided)
3 mm for details (qty to be decided)]
• Self healing Cutting matt Ideally 70 cm wide or closest available
• 9 mm cutter with extra blades
• 18 mm cutter with extra blades
(or exacto style hobby cutter with extra blades)
• White PVA glue
• Paper painters tape 1 roll 12 18 mm)
• Hot glue gun (alternative not necessary
• Pack of dress makers straight pins with head
• Stainless steel ruler 30 cm to 1 m (the longer the better)
• Measuring tape
• Pencils with sharpener or mechanical pencil, not too hard.
• 90°carpenters square 30 cm
(Access to an A4 Printer to print attached files and floor plans)

3 days 14 hours

up to 15 participants