parametric design model


Parametric design in architecture determines the relationship between purpose and response; it is based on algorithmic thinking using parameters to design architecture that expresses codes and parameters.

A digital model is created based on algorithms and it enables the determination of the appropriate structural form options during the design process that constitutes the structural geometry with parametric modeling techniques.

This workshop guides you to think algorithmically by providing the expression of the parameters and rules of the design. You will learn how to research, analyze and improve the parameters in your project. You will gain parametric design experience with the necessary knowledge and the ability to use tools such as visual coding tools such as Rhino and Grasshopper.

You will learn the benefits of using parametric design and advanced engineering to maximize digital manufacturing potential. By understanding the context of design with computer-aided design, you will use data parameters to achieve high performance goals.

You will apply new strategies through parametric model-based design analysis.

You will develop techniques and concepts of parametric processes for architectural design and fabrication.

You will share ideas with discussions that potential parametric modeling and digital production should reduce waste, increase efficiency and provide higher quality results.


Architecture and Design Students

Architectural Competition candidates


The latest version of the parametric software Rhino and Grasshopper.

3 days – 12 hours

up to 15 participants