Park Güell: A Fantastic Escape Site

Park Güell is perhaps one of the most well-known designs of Antoni Gaudi, whose works add color to Barcelona, ​​the famous city of Spain. This place, which is a frequent destination for city residents, also attracts foreign tourists’ attention. You can feel as if you are exploring a fantastic world while wandering in Park Güell, which is the signature of Gaudi, who brings a unique and unprecedented perspective to architecture.

The Appearance of Park Güell

Park Güell’s construction started in 1900. Although it is used publicly as a park, Park Güell initially designed for different purposes. Park Güell, as the name suggests, was made for the famous and economically powerful family of the period, Güell.

At the request of Eusebi Güell from the Güell family, Antoni Gaudi started the project. That would create a great friendship between the two over time. Because Gaudi was an architect who had made a name for himself, he sometimes had difficulty finding clients willing to implement his extraordinary projects.

Güell’s wish was to design this land for the use of the aristocrats of the period. The first plan envisaged it to be a building complex here. However, he only completed two structures of this complex.

Visitor’s Favorite

Park Güell is one of the most curious places for everyone who visits Barcelona today. Antoni Gaudi’s deep understanding of architecture has a significant influence on this. As he once again demonstrated in Park Güell, Gaudi had an instinct to make designs that had got nature’s inspiration and could attract attention by themselves. Since his youth, his ability to observe everything around him, especially natural phenomena, and to express them in three dimensions, has enabled him to undertake the design of huge areas such as Park Güell.

Park Güell immediately stands out with Gaudi’s architectural touches. Very natural curves and curvatures in structural elements such as stairs and columns, natural stones, and material preferences such as colorful mosaics are the key touches of Gaudi to Park Güell.

In Park Güell, Gaudi originally designed one of the two buildings we mentioned above as his house. However, now it functions as the Gaudi Museum. However, the park’s most striking feature is not this museum but the viewing terrace offering a unique panoramic view of the city.

It is possible to climb to the viewing terrace, which is one of the most beautiful spots of Park Güell, by following a curved staircase. Following the stairs, the handrail is covered by curved and multicolored mosaics, like many structural elements in Park Güell.

More colorful designs greet the visitors on the terrace. Anyway, the park is always bright with the natural life it preserves and its many sculptures. These various works placed on walkways or stairs turn Park Güell into an open-air art museum.

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