Tiny House: The Next Generation of Life

The Tiny House trend has started to spread rapidly all over the world since the early 2000s. When consumption emphasis is increasing globally, the rise of an opposite lifestyle is a fascinating subject in itself. But that’s not the only point of interest about Tiny House. Since this trend, based on a philosophy based on minimalism, is becoming widespread, we better not be late to get to know it better.

Less Is More

Tiny House-style homes bring to mind small, narrow spaces. However, the definition of Tiny House has expanded considerably in recent years. Although its nature of minimalism and austerity has not changed, we can say that the Tiny House has become adaptable to many larger groups of people.

We can express the thought behind that trend as ‘Less is more.’ People who hold this mindset refuse to seek happiness in life materialistically. In line with the understanding of “Less is more,” which is adaptable to all areas of life, they pursue a life in which the fewer things they have, the more peaceful they will be.

Well, is Tiny House just about giving up all kinds of comforts and trying to spend your life with a single pot? Of course not! In fact, in recent years, downsizing preferences have become widespread among social groups with very different living standards. That stopped Tiny House from being a stereotypical trend.

If the single-hearth stove or 24 square meters of living space is not enough for you, you can still be a part of the Tiny House trend. You can make downsizing decisions in line with your living conditions and start to warm up to the Tiny House approach by living in “enough for you” areas.

Design Elements

Downsizing in line with the Tiny House trend is now quite common. Moreover, we have started to see very extreme examples of downsizing. Is it possible to do this without sacrificing comfort?

Even if we are talking about the Tiny House examples, which have a small square meter, comfort is, of course, possible. This lifestyle’s primary purpose is to give people peace of mind that they cannot achieve while having so much more. That’s why comfort is the first and constant requirement for a Tiny House.

Skylights are a prevalent method to increase natural light and ventilation in living spaces with small spaces.

Although the transformable furniture is one of the Tiny Houses’ saviors, some people discuss its practicality.

It is essential to use natural materials that breathe in flooring and wall coverings. The insulation properties of these materials or the application of proper insulation are also necessary to provide essential comfort in a Tiny House design.

Finally, if you dream of a house on wheels, you have to solve technical details such as clean and dirty water tanks and batteries for the house’s electricity in the safest way.


It is the dream of many people to settle for less and own a Tiny House. Those who dare to do this and change their lives are very few. Because at this point, one should ask himself whether he will be able to adapt to a life of ‘less’ or not.

The Tiny House trend and downsizing concepts may not be the recipe for happiness for everyone. Some people can adapt to this kind of life at a time, and others are bypassing slowly. And most of all, everyone’s perception of ‘tiny’ is, of course, different.

At this point, if you have doubts about the Tiny House trend, you can test yourself by trying to shrink in smaller areas in your life. (Such as shrinking your wardrobe or organizing your weekly shopping) You can observe yourself for a short time by planning trips and vacations where you experience this kind of life.

If you are still an inveterate Tiny House enthusiast at the end of all those processes, have a piece of good luck in your new life!

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