The Emerging Trend of the Recent Period: Tiny House Movement

The Tiny House trend has been viral among young adults in recent years. Before the Tiny House trend, it was always essential to have the best, the newest, the biggest of everything. Everyone worked for a good life (a nice car, a big house, brand clothes, etc.). However, in the past decade, some opposed ideas have become widespread around the world.

We are all aware that there is no end to consumption. The majority of the world’s population is unhappy with the current social and economic conditions. Why are we still stubborn about living this way despite all these negative things? The good news is some people aren’t anymore.

Many people have begun to think about what brings true happiness in life in recent years. The Tiny House movement emerged as a result of these thoughts. Most people realized that they are not satisfied with their current lives that require constant consumption. While everyone used to work for a better car or a bigger house, being happy with less is critical. In short, the understanding of tiny houses, less furniture, and more happiness is quite common worldwide. The idea behind the Tiny House movement, which advocates being content with less, sometimes intersects with minimalism. The architectural reflection of all these ideas appears as the Tiny House trend.

The Tiny House trend, which is also fed by minimalism, emerges at this point. Tiny House, which we can call the architectural reflection of all these ideas, attracts young adults’ attention today. We do not know how long the trend will continue its popularity. But we are undoubtedly going to encounter more Tiny Houses soon. Therefore, it is useful to have some information about these houses.

So far, we talked about the philosophy of the Tiny House movement. Now let’s talk a little bit about the technical details of the Tiny House trend. Here is the Tiny House Movement in every aspect!

What is a Tiny House?

When Tiny House is mentioned, something comes to mind for many people. However, to be precisely defined, we can say that the Tiny House movement is the deliberate reduction of living spaces for people who want to live simpler, more sustainable, and economically. So why would you like to confine yourself in a tiny box?

This is not the case when it comes to a Tiny House. In these houses, whose sizes vary between 10-30 square meters, each square centimeter is used with maximum efficiency. So nobody feels stuck. Moreover, it is possible to save money as the advantage of living in a small house. Because both household expenses are reduced, and your space is limited, you cannot go shopping unconsciously.

What is Tiny House Movement?

The Tiny House Movement has already begun to embellish the future dreams of so many people today. However, you may still be wondering why this trend has spread so much at once. Ironically, the Tiny House Movement started to spread at the end of the 2008 economic crisis. Due to the financial crisis that hit the world, many people are beginning to turn to alternative lifestyles. Thus, they begin to save money and even save money by reducing their expenses.

In today’s world, where the 2008 economic crisis is over, these houses’ popularity increases. Why is the Tiny House trend still so popular when many countries’ economies are now doing well?

For the answer to this question, we will have to return to the beginning of the article. As we mentioned above, people are now looking for things beyond the happiness of material things. Unconsciously shopping and filling our homes with items we don’t need adds nothing to us. Moreover, this excessiveness maybe even driving us away from the peace we seek. That’s why the Tiny House Movement is still very popular with the new generation today.

There’s another reason Tiny Houses attract young adults so much—the real estate market in many countries. Many young adults find it less interesting to invest large sums of money in a home than before. Instead, they want to live more simply and use their money in different ways. Because, in many countries, a significant amount of money is needed to own a house.

Do they have tangible advantages? Here are they! 

The Tiny House Current has rock-solid foundations in terms of idea. Everything about these houses looks great from afar. The environmental side of the Tiny House trend stands out.

The square meters of these houses are relatively small. Naturally, the energy they spend is also low. So, their carbon footprint is tiny.

Many Tiny Houses provide their energy in sustainable, environmentally friendly ways. Cleaner choices such as solar energy and lithium batteries make these houses important for the future.
A well-designed Tiny House requires no compromise on comfort. For many people, this means a better quality of living while spending less money.

Tiny houses with limited space allow you to save money. There are no vast refrigerators where you can leave food to rot or extra shelves to fill in. So you have exactly what you need.
Some types of tiny houses can be moved on wheels; it gives great freedom to their users.

House on Wheels

Undoubtedly, the most striking part of the Tiny House Movement is that some of them are portable. For many people, moving their houses at the back of their vehicles is the freedom they could never have imagined. However, tiny houses are divided into two as the ones that are fixed and mobile.

The fixed Tiny Houses can be prefabricated, or they can be built by recycling materials such as containers. It is possible to carry the moving ones by fixing them behind the vehicle. So wherever you go, your home is always with you!

Mobile tiny houses need a different design than the fixed ones. First of all, since these will not have a sewage connection, there is a need for a dirty and clean water tank that can be carried with the vehicle. There are options such as compost toilet or electric yacht toilet.

Finally, highway laws come into play. You must make sure that you read your country’s laws carefully to get your tiny house on the road. The maximum permissible values for the weight, width, length, and height of the vehicle may vary from country to country. The regions where you can stop and stay with your car may differ according to the country’s laws. So it will be in your best interest to know all the rules while traveling.
Then have a good trip!

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