What Disciplines Is an Architect Influenced By?

Architects have to be always productive because they earn their living by design. Although this may seem like a favorable situation, it also has some difficulties. First of all, for an architect to remain productive, he needs to keep his resources fresh. Also, being versatile increases the likelihood that an architect’s designs will be successful. So, where can an architect look for inspiration outside of architecture and design to produce better designs?


There is no great architect without a solid intellectual foundation behind his designs. That situation naturally brings architecture and philosophy closer. But an architect needs some philosophy just to keep his horizons open. Thus, it is possible to reach a deeper understanding of design.

Moreover, the fact that the works presented have both functional and intellectual foundations behind their visuality increases the possibility of their acceptance.


Architecture has assumed such forms in some historical periods that it has become impossible to separate it from art. Although we can distinguish between art and architecture more clearly today, architects still have a lot to learn from art.

Although the relationship between art and architecture is too deep to be described in a paragraph, we can say that this relationship is basically at a very visual level. In other words, roughly speaking, architecture can be inspired by art at points such as form and color.

Yet when we go deeper, art and architecture have a lot more to share. An architect’s understanding of the psychology behind visual creation will undoubtedly guide him and add artistic depth to his work.


Most of the good architects are good people of culture. It is not a coincidence that this has always happened that way. Architects have to know many different fields due to their highly versatile profession.

An architect who combines his knowledge of history with design and art means that he understands art history in its most basic form. That is very important in terms of inspiration for new projects. Moreover, it is of great importance for an architect to know the essential historical references.


Architecture is not just about design. When it comes to architecture, construction techniques are also involved. In this sense, engineering is one of the most common areas which can inspire an architect. The most successful works of modern architecture have emerged as a result of developments in building techniques.

Steel structure systems needed development for the glass facades of Mies van Der Rohe. At the same time, Pier Luigi Nervi, an engineer, revealed the successful reinforced concrete structures thanks to his deep engineering background.

Social Sciences

For an architect to produce functional designs, he must understand communities and their behavior. Thus, the architect can understand the community’s culture he is designing and shapes his structure accordingly.

The architect can better understand the behavior and culture of the communities by feeding on social sciences. Thus, he can form urban systems that meet the user’s needs and not interrupt daily life.

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