What is UI Design?

UI design is a vast field that has come across to anyone interested in graphic design and web design lately. So what exactly is UI? And where to start to become a UI designer?

Scope of UI Design

UI design is a concept in the lives of even people who are far from design and coding. We all use the internet actively for different purposes in our daily lives. Whether on the phone or the computer, every application and website we visit offers us a UI design example.

A UI designer thinks about how they will appear to the user behind every web-based creation, such as online shopping sites, websites, and mobile applications. However, one can include the concept of UI design in the much larger area of ​​UX. For more detailed information about what UX is used instead of User Experience, you can also look at our article on this subject.

Requirements to Become a UI Designer

If you want to specialize in UI design, it is useful to know where to start. To achieve a good UI design, you need to be familiar with some of the software used in this job. You can choose the best UI design program for you according to the operating system you use or how you work.

However, before you get involved with UI design programs, you need to have basic design knowledge. It is tough to produce original works without font usage, typography knowledge, color theory, and basic design principles.

Features of a Good UI Design

A good UI design is not just about visuality. Of course, it is essential that the UI design appeals to the eye and meets specific aesthetic criteria. However, the UI design should also be easy to understand and useful.

Here too, UI designers rely on data from the UX designer. So UI and UX design cannot be considered separately from each other. Instead, these are two disciplines that complement each other and deliver maximum efficient products for the user.

Besides being linked to UX, you always need to consider user experience for your UI design prototype to be good. In a successful UI design example, the user quickly adapts to the site or application. He wants to spend time here and feels good.

Where To Begin?

If you’re dreaming of a UI design career, it’s normal to be confused right now. You probably think about where you can enter this alien world. But you don’t have to be afraid. To be a good UI designer, all you have to do is stay motivated.

If you are interested in UI design and want to head towards this area, you probably know which programs people use in the industry. At this point, you can choose one that suits you and try to learn it in the best way.

Also, knowing how to code, even at a basic level, will make you highly valuable in the eyes of your future employers.

To improve yourself in UI design, do not forget to visit designer-specific platforms often. Thus, you will be aware of new trends and original works.

Finally, remember that you always have something to learn in UI design. To keep up with constantly developing technologies and updated algorithms, you must continue to learn and stay up to date.

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