Why Should You Learn Rhino?

Rhino is a program that is frequently heard in the architecture and design industry. This is such a program that can be used for almost any design. Moreover, situations such as stuttering, slowing down, and making errors, seen in other 3D design software, are much less experienced with RhinoCeros. You are already wondering, right? So let’s tell you more about Rhino!

What is Rhino

RhinoCeros, or as it is commonly known, Rhino, originated as an AutoCAD plugin. This software has evolved to become Rhino. (still, it’s more open-source software and has many add-ons that improve the program’s use.) It can be used on an unimaginably wide range from jewelry to ship design. The reason for this is, RhinoCeros is a NURBS (Non-Uniform B Spline Lines) based design program.

While SketchUp, 3Ds Max, and other three-dimensional modeling programs have substructures such as polyline, polygon, or solid, Rhino is a ‘curve’ based software. In this way, making models that are very difficult to implement with other software programs is a piece of cake with this one. Moreover, since the NURBS base requires less system storage, there is no aggravation or hangup during modeling, and the file size does not grow too much.

What Does Rhino Do?

As we mentioned above, Rhino actually works with whatever you want. Despite its simple interface, RhinoCeros has many plugins and aims that can improve the user experience. You can create designs with forms that you could not imagine doing in any other modeling program. Moreover, you can do them very easily.

Rhino can work with many famous rendering engines. In other words, after creating your model, you can render and even animation.

Finally, Rhino makes a great contribution to your career. Program knowledge is a must for an architect candidate. Every extra program you learn will take you one step further in your career. So you can show your skills distinctively.

Who Is The Rhino Training Suitable For

RhinoCeros training will be suitable for anyone who wants to learn 3D modeling in a fun way and;
Architects and interior designers who want to be one step ahead in their career,
Developers (this program that offers the possibility to write scripts)

Jewelry designers
Industrial designers
Product designers

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