How long does it take to learn Autocad?

Autocad is the most used software in architectural, design, and engineering fields. Depending on the instructor and individual, AutoCAD is pretty basic software to learn. For beginners, 4 hours a week for 30 days is sufficient to learn Autocad. For every level, you need to spend 4 hours weekly for 30 days more.

Learning AutoCAD well means following the steps carefully and practicing after every step.After learning how to use AutoCAD, it is very important to practise more and more after each step.



Lesson 1: Creating drawings by exploring the AutoCAD interface, Using the mouse practically, keyboard tricks, and enter key to work quickly and efficiently in AutoCAD
Lesson 2: Creating lines, polylines, circles, and rectangles, etc. Organizing your drawing with layers such as layer states, properties, and essential tools
Lesson 3-4: Starting with simple drawings using necessary commands, Polar and Ortho tracking, entering coordinates and angles, object snaps, and tracking
Lesson 5: Making changes with crucial commands such as move, duplicate, twist, reflector, and scale using the reference options, using template files (.dwt) to make new drawings, and exploring what settings and elements saved with templates
Lesson 6: Advanced object types such as polyline, arcs, polygons, ellipses, spline
Lesson 7: Editing commands such as trim and extend, fillet and chamfer, polyline edit and spline, offset and explode, join, pedit
Lesson 8: Finalizing your project with setting up a layout and using layouts and viewpoints, scaling viewpoints


Lesson 1-2: Creating a new project with enough tools or developing an existing project with productivity
Lesson 3-4: Command tricks and shortcuts, using blocks effectively
Lesson 5-6: Templates, layouts, and styles using external references
Lesson 7-8: Finalizing the project for presentation


Lesson 1-2: Preparing an architectural project with beginner and intermediate properties, customizing
Lesson 3-4: 3D modeling
Lesson 5-6: Publishing, plot styles, sheet sets, and collaboration with other programs, techniques that a person has difficulty using
Lesson 7-8: Finalizing the project for presentation

Backstudio Milan offers those steps with professional instructors and a flexible time schedule based on our availability. Depending on the results of the placement test, you can begin learning AutoCAD and be an expert within a short period of time. Let’s try a class for free if you aren’t sure.

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