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understand, Learn, develop.

  • how to collect data, self-critique, self-esteem
  • how to become productive and creative.
  • how to research, analyze, and synthesis
  • how to increase drawing quality (line thickness, colors, materials, shadows, light, etc.)
  • how to collaborate with these disciplines during the work process.
  • the scale regarding work.
  • the improvement of visual experience.
  • the presentation, judgement, and performing data to articulate study and design thinking and connection to design progress.
  • different strategies to solve obstacles concerning the brief.
  • design skills by conceptualizing and representing architectural ideas and making aesthetic judgments about places.
  • visual awareness and ability to document and analyze observations.
  • an ability to discuss visually and verbally, about your analysis, strategies, and the interior environment with coherent arguments.

“We should work for simple, good, undecorated things, but things which are in harmony with the human being and organically suited to the little man in the street.”

Alvar Aalto, Architect

We believe that providing the architectural lessons from architects/interior designers who are already practising in their professional life will be much more productive and motivate those who take the courses.

Our philosophy

Those seeking architectural knowledge will further increase their interest in this field by contacting their teachers, consulting them, learning their experiences and chatting on architectural issue


Course contents were carefully prepared with the strategy of thoroughly learning by doing method, considering the curricula of the well-known Universities in Europe. There are project activities in the courses, and options are offered to the student. The project is chosen according to the student’s interest, and the project is developed throughout the course. Students will be encouraged to learn the lesson while working on the project.

How we work

We know that education is a susceptible operation; we do our best to ensure that the course processes are the best and that you have completed the course with great learning and enjoying the lesson you have taken.​

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