How to make a 3D Model in Rhino?

Rhino has no limits to create your 3D models and turn your project into reality. Are you wondering how to create a 3D model in Rhino? To begin creating 3D objects in Rhino, let’s start with simple steps and use shapes and tools.

1. Choose the Small Objects – Inches template in the Startup Template
We will use simple lines, curves, and text so we will not need to create a large template.

First we create a 2D design and make it 3D

2. Create a rectangular shape with the Polyline tool
3. Create your shape, then click join to turn it into a 2D design
4. Select Surface > Exrude Curve > Straight
5. You can create a surface by selecting the height and clicking on it
6. Select surface then click Solid > Cap Planar Holes
Getting started with creating simple 3D objects is now much easier. Let’s add a text to this object
7. Open Text Object and write your desired output
8. Select a nice bold font and make sure that solid is chosen to make the text quarter an inch thick, then click OK
9. You should move the text up so it shows on top
You’re done. It’s an easy way to start creating 3D objects.

3d model made with rhino software program