How to move objects from model to layout in Autocad?

AutoCAD allows the user to distinguish between model space and paper space while creating layouts. The model space is where the design is created. In the paper space, design elements such as border, title blocks, drawing notes, and schedules can be placed. We can scale and move the viewports in the model space.

Are you looking for a way to move your objects between a model and a layout in AutoCAD? We’ll start with the steps below and work our way through them.

It is possible to add some text in your drawing, but later decide not to use it. With the CHSPACE command, you can move objects from model space.

1.Click on a layout to see it. To use the command, you must be on a layout tab.
2.It is important that you are in the right space to move the object
– You need to be in the paper space of an object in order to move that object into model space. To access paper space if you’re not in it, double-click outside of the viewport.
– To move an object from model space to paper space, you need to be in model space. You can enter model space by double-clicking inside the viewport if you are not in it.
3. To start the CHSPACE command, go to Home Tab > Modify panel (expanded) > Change Space.
4.Choose one or more objects to move at the prompt
5. Enter to end the selection and command

It’s done. The selected object was moved to the other space. Keeping in mind, you can select the objects before you starting the command. If so, you will not need to take any further action. It’s easy as pie!

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