What should you pay attention to when learning Autocad?

When learning AutoCAD software, you should pay attention to the Command Line. AutoCAD’s Command Line is located in the bottom left corner of the CAD interface by default. An AutoCAD command line is like a control panel and an index of all commands you have run on your drawing. Additionally, prompts are embedded inside AutoCAD commands.

Here’s what we need to know about Command Line.

– You can find out what to do next with Command Line. It’s really helpful if you’re new to AutoCAD or stuck on your project, and don’t know what your next step is. One place for all your needs. With AutoCAD Command Line, you have access to all the options you need. You’ll find that AutoCAD drawing is easier than you imagine if you know what the command line is all about. If you need help finding a command, you can use Command Line. There is a synonym database in it. The following image shows what happens if you type any word close to comment and then Command Line will suggest the right comment based on the word you typed.

– It is possible to create simple customizations with macros and scripts on the Comment Line history. That’s amazing, isn’t it. By using Command history on the Command Line, you can easily make macros or scripts if you have never written a program before.

– By typing the name of the block on the Command Line, you can insert it directly, or by using the Comment Line, also you can search for Block, Layer, Hatch, Text Style, Dim Style, and Visual Style content.

– The Command Line is also an informative screen for counting blocks or objects. With QSELECT and FILTER you can count blocks, as well as check objects properties through LIST.

The following reasons will help you understand the importance of Command Line in learning AutoCAD well. Would you like to learn more about AutoCAD software? Come and join our Architectural AutoCAD Software Class at Backstudio Milan. If you are not sure yet, our free demo classes are a great way for you to get an idea of the experience.

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