3Ds Max; How to group objects?

With 3Ds Max’s grouping feature, you are able to improve workflow by organizing all of the objects you work with. The grouping feature allows rotating, flipping, moving, and resizing all your objects at once rather than having to move and resize them all individually. It is also possible to create nesting groups by combining your existing groups.

Let’s figure out how Group commands work.

Using the Group command, you can combine several selected objects or groups into one. You can use Group command in three different ways

Keyboard > Ctrl+G (in Maya mode; there is no default shortcut for Group in 3ds Max mode)
Default menu: Group menu > Group
Alt menu: Edit menu > Group > Group

Let’s look at how we define group below instruction

How to define a group:
Select two or more objects.
Choose Group menu Group
A dialog box appears asking for a group name.
Enter a name for the group and click OK.

How to define a nested group:
Select two or more groups or any combination of groups and objects.
Choose Group Group.
A dialog box appears asking for a group name.
Enter a name for the new group object and click OK.

You’ve got it! Here’s a tip for identifying groups. The Select by Name dialog box is always easier to identify groups because groups are surrounded by square brackets, and appear bold in the Name and Color rollout of the Command Panel.

group of furnitures made with 3ds max software design program