Becoming a Designer: How Do I Stay Productive?

One of our biggest problems as a designer is productivity. Although we rely on our imagination as part of our work, our minds do not always provide us with the best ideas. Sometimes we feel like we have completely lost our design skills for a few hours, sometimes for a few days or even months. As an “art block” in visual arts, this process is unfortunately present in every profession that produces creative works. So, are there things that you can do to stay productive as a designer? Of course, we can take a few precautions to keep our minds busy and prevent us from moving away from the sector, even if we cannot put things at a level that satisfies us. Here are some suggestions for anyone stuck in the design process.


Every designer must have a sketchbook. However, it is a little different from the “Ideapad” sketchbook we are talking about here. Generally, we are talking about a small notebook that you always carry with you and record your ideas’ raw version. In other words, it is an opportunity to register before sketches in design.

How you evaluate this notebook is entirely up to you. You can make random doodles as you grab a pen and drink your coffee. Who knows, maybe something will come out of them that you like. Or you can write down your ideas and what comes to mind during the day. These may be the crudest versions of your future big business.

Repeat Old Jobs

We can say that the biggest fear of a designer is not original. However, as we mentioned above, we are all human beings after all, and we can’t enter into an unlimited productivity cycle. For this reason, it may be helpful to repeat a design you have made before when you feel congested.

There are many benefits to rethinking an old design. First, if you are working with your hands (drawing, modeling, etc.), this technique prevents you from being idle for a long time. Second, by repeating this work where you experienced the design process, you will empty your mind. Finally, the best part is that sometimes you may see points in your old jobs that you want to change. By making these changes, you will both update your old designs and produce something. Maybe you need such short feedback to create great work as a designer.


No matter how experienced you are as a designer, there will always be works that you can take inspiration from. So don’t hesitate to join digital communities and take a look at what others are up to. These communities can give you the inspiration you need for your design. They can help you with your technical problems and even establish new business contacts.


Designers are said to have never-ending minds. If you are always preoccupied with new designs or future projects, maybe it’s time to take a little break. Continuing the design from your mind even while lying on your bed is a tiring process, even if it shows how committed you are.

Sometimes it is emptying the mind for a while that opens the door to better and more prominent designs. You don’t have to continually produce to prove to yourself that you are valuable as a designer. After all, you are human too, and everyone deserves to be heard.


When we say imitation, of course, we do not recommend that you buy and copy other designers’ work. Here, by representation, we mean rather imitating, as in the suggestions for beginners. Beginners in drawing should try to draw their favorite masterpieces. You can use the same tactic for your industry.

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