Center Pompidou Undergoes Three-Year Restoration

The 3-year comprehensive restoration project for Center Pompidou, one of Paris’s famous buildings, received approval from the authorities. They planned to start the project at the end of 2023 and reopen the building at the end of 2026. Profound changes await the building during this detailed restoration and repair.

A Safer Center Pompidou

Center Pompidou, built-in 1977, is an actual example of High Tech architecture. The building reflects the progressive vision of architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. However, according to Serge Lasvignes, head of Center Pompidou, the building has not undergone extensive renovations since its construction. In this sense, the president says the project to be implemented is a change that will benefit the Center Pompidou in the long run.

The restoration project involves the removal of all asbestos used in the building’s construction. Asbestos, which is not used in modern facilities and banned by many countries, is still present in some old buildings. To make Center Pompidou comply with current safety standards, first of all, one must remove that asbestos safely from the building.

Another major renovation to be made on the exterior will be in the windows of the building. One will renew most of the windows of the building during this restoration project. Also,  they will repair the damaged spots on the exterior. All these applications are there to ensure safety in the Center Pompidou and increase its energy efficiency.

After these steps in the facade works, they will renew the building’s elevator and the famous escalator that rises around the entire building. Finally, there is a complete change in the floor material in the interior. All of these applications must end on time because Center Pompidou will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2027. Preparing the building for the celebration is vital for Paris’ cultural events.

Temporary Library

Center Pompidou is a culture and arts center that brought life to its region. Before the building, which is in the 4th district of Paris, was built here, it was not a popular place. Today, the Bibliothèque Publique d’Information (Public Information Library), the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Europe’s largest museum of modern art, and IRCAM, a piece of music and acoustic research center, are located inside the Center Pompidou.

They plan that the library’s renovation activities will continue. However, it will move to a temporary location to be determined later in Paris. The authorities have not made a statement for the museum and IRCAM yet.

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