How to make metal material in 3DS Max?

With 3DS Max, you can design your project in 3D reality. In order to show people how close they are to the real thing, the materials are vital. This tutorial walks you through the steps to create realistic steel materials in 3ds Max by using the V-ray plugin. Let’s follow the steps.

1. Select an object to which you want to apply the V-Ray steel material. Press M on the keyboard to open the material editor. Choose VRay Mtl by clicking on the standard button.
2. Set the Diffuse color to R:20, G:20, B: 20
3. Set the Reflection color to R:230, G: 230, B:230
4. Set the RGlossiness to 0.7
5. Set the Subdivs to 12
6. Set the Max depth to 7
7. Click the box on the right to turn on the Fresnel reflections, and click L to change the Fresnel IOR value to 20

And that’s it. You create realistic steel material.

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