Scandinavian Style: Simplicity in Three Steps

Scandinavian style is an architectural trend that has found its character since the 1950s and spread worldwide. Although it is generally useful in interior designs, there is an excellent philosophy behind this style. If you’re wondering what is behind the Nordic countries’ strange serenity, the Scandinavian style has a lot to tell you.

Simple, Functional, Natural

Scandinavian style rises on three different foundations. Each of these is a must for the Scandinavian style. The fashion finds its soothing aesthetics and modern, clean lines thanks to these three main pillars.

If you had to describe the Scandinavian style in one word, it would be simplicity, of course. Simple and clean lines and defined spaces have always been the most striking point of Scandinavian type design.

After simplicity comes functionality, the happy people of the North perhaps owe their happiness to not expecting anything more from things since the Scandinavian style places great emphasis on functionality. However, the designs continue to have direct lines. Items are only likely to do their job in the most basic way.

Finally, it is necessary to talk about naturalness. Naturalness in material and form is one of the highlights of style. Thanks to the northern geography’s life with nature, a simple approach can be seen at every point, from furniture to structures.


We have mentioned above that the Scandinavian style is more than just a decoration trend. This style is the architectural reflection of the life philosophy developed in this cold geography for centuries.

The inhabitants of northern European countries have endured endless winters for long ages and have had to spend their lives with very little sunlight. These problematic conditions caused people to have difficulties in material procurement.

As a result, they have developed the ability to make functional products with less material quickly. They also found creative ways to take advantage of the little sunlight. But most of all, they have learned to appreciate the little details in life and be content with them to survive the long winters.

Lagom expresses precisely that. The phrase summarizes the Scandinavian style quite well but means ‘full measure’ in Norwegian. Lagom, which means neither more nor less, just enough’ can be adapted to all areas of life. The people around you, the number of rooms in your house, your belongings, etc.

Lagom’s architectural reflections also show themselves in the Scandinavian style. With its simple and organic forms, natural material preference, and simplicity principles, the Scandinavian style shows how much Lagom has been internalized among the people of this geography.

Natural Light

One of the highlights of the Scandinavian style is natural light. The people of the region, who enjoy the small details of life and know how to be happy with them, highly value sunlight that they cannot find easily.

That’s why the ‘feeling of light’ is so essential in the Scandinavian style. One should increase the connection of an area with nature as much as possible and all-natural elements, mostly light.

Thanks to natural light, the Scandinavian style comes to life. Wood, which is frequently used to add warmth to space, reflects the light and creates an atmosphere that calms the user.

The Scandinavian style has thoughts that are very similar to minimalism in some ways. That may be one of the reasons why it maintains its popularity today. However, whatever happens, the style that has so penetrated the region’s people seems to continue to live in its geography for a long time.

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