UI Design Tools

UI design is a term heard by anyone doing web-based business. We can translate this concept into a User Interface, which has great importance in designing all kinds of sites and applications used on the web. Thanks to the UI design, users can navigate nice-looking websites and easily find what they are looking for in the applications they download. So, what tools do designers use to make UI designs? If you’re ready, let’s take a look at the UI planning and visualization tools together.

Framer X

The prototyping process is vital in UI design. Framer X is an application that serves precisely that, and it is easy to learn. With Framer X, you can quickly create project drafts. Another advantage of Framer X, which has the feature of building components, is that it can present your design to you as react native if you want. But don’t be afraid; you don’t need to know how to code to use Framer X.


Just like Framer X, MockFlow is a software that can be very useful in the prototype stage of UI design. The advantage of MockFlow over Framer X is that it is more suitable for group work. With this online software that allows unlimited people to work on the same project, the whole team can see the changes made in the draft simultaneously. Thus, you can both prevent communication problems and save a serious amount of time.


Technology has improved, UI design tools have walked your head, but do you still come up with your best ideas while scribbling with paper and pencil? Thus, there will have been thousands of other UI designers who thought about it, and Balsamiq emerged.

This tool is a design to get paper and pen in the wireframe stage of UI design and has an extensive library. The best part is that all the features of the software work with the drag and drop system. So, even if you are new to UI design, you can create sketches quickly and easily with Balsamiq.

InVision Studio

InVision Studio, which has recently made a name among the UI design tools, is perfect for working interactively. The tool, which also helps UI designers collect feedback from customers, supports many different file types. The downside is that it’s free for only one project.

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