Why My Render Results Are Not Successful?

Rendering has been a challenge for beginners. It takes some experience to master all the settings on the screen and to predict the result. However, this does not mean that beginners cannot achieve successful outcomes. If you are also experimenting with rendering and are not satisfied with the product, perhaps you are making common mistakes that novices make. Just below, you can see common mistakes and check your settings.

More or Less Light

When rendering, if there is a problem for beginners, it is probably about lights. Poorly tuned lights can extinguish the full potential of a great scene. If you want to achieve success in rendering results, you can try using more than one light type. You’ll get much better results when adding regional lights to your scene and adjusting their colour and intensity realistically.

If you have enough light in your scene, but you are still not satisfied with the render output, the problem may be too much light this time. If you see point-by-point bursts of light in the final render image or the light reflected from the objects is not realistic, you must have kept the intensity of the lights very high. You can try re-rendering at a slightly lower level.

Texture Problem

We all want the results to be realistic when rendering. Some render engines (such as V-Ray) also allow us to play with textures at this point. It is possible to change the render results by playing with the reflectivity, reflection brightness and fundamental values ​​of the materials called “bump”.

The point to be aware of starts here. Using exaggerating all values ​​for realistic rendering does not improve the result. Although an exaggerated bump value or an overly reflective surface looks good in small areas of the real (as not in real life) render output, it generally loses realism to the scene. In short, it is necessary to use the values ​​without exaggeration for a better rendering result.

High-Quality Objects

It is possible to make many settings through rendering engines. But whatever the limitations of a render engine are your reference model. The high resolution of the textures used in the model or the objects’ quality directly affects the rendering result.

When adding ready-made objects, it is necessary to choose the ones that are well modelled and look good in rendering. Since the chairs or armchairs you use on the stage will attract a lot of attention, choosing them well can seriously change the rendering result.

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